Michelle Dempsey, Title 19 Specialist, provides a personalized, exceptionally high level of assistance to make your way through the maze of federal and state funded programs that help pay for nursing home and long term home care for the elderly and disabled in Connecticut.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, if you have found you need to have a better understanding about programs such as Title XIX or Medicaid that help to pay for nursing home and long-term home care for the elderly and disabled,  she can help.
Why waste more time, effort, and money trying to qualify for a program that may not be the right one for you or your loved ones? Call Michelle today to see if she can help you, or submit the contact form on this website.

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Diana Marrero
Diana Marrero
16:45 19 Apr 22
Michelle helped us through this arduous process of seeking Title XIX approval for my sister-in-law who suffers from MS and lives alone. We were trying to get my sister-in-law home health care to avoid her going to a nursing home facility. Through this very confusing process, which took about 3-4 months to finally achieve approval, Michelle guided us and answered all of questions patiently until my sister-in-law was finally approved. I can’t even imagine going through this without Michelle’s expertise. An investment well spent to get results in a fraction of the time it would have taken to navigate this on our own. Thank you more
W Santaniello
W Santaniello
23:11 07 Apr 22
At the end of a successful (yet stressful) Medicaid application for my elderly mom, I joked to Michelle that I wanted a t-shirt that said: “I applied for Medicaid and Survived It.”Michelle was terrific to work with. She is simply a “must have” going through a Title 19 process. I could have never done it alone …. 20 ⭐️ Stars ✨read more
04:33 17 Nov 21
Michelle helped me every step of the way with my mother’s Medicaid application. I also had her assist me with a subsequent asst. living app. In both cases, she did a phenomenal job, worked tirelessly throughout the process. She is patient, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone in need of assistance with any application in the Medicaid space. Michelle made a very stressful and emotional experience so much easier. I cannot be more pleased or happy to have worked with her and the outcome. Thank you Michelle for all of your hard work and diligence!read more
Jonathan Baine
Jonathan Baine
17:06 15 Nov 21
My 86 year old mother was living at home when she broke her knee. I needed to deal with her recovery, the task of finding appropriate care, and to go through the title 19 Medicaid application process. After consulting an Attorney, a large Law firm and doing a fair amount of research I decided to engage Michelle Dempsey and that was by far the best decision I have ever made. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. She handled mom’s Medicaid application from beginning to end. During our first meeting she took the time to patiently explain all of my options as well her recommendations. I never felt pressured, in fact during the whole process Michelle Dempsey described everything in terms that were easily understood. She has an excellent command of all the issues I was facing. She has made sure to “cross every t and dot every i” and that happened during the worst of the pandemic! Thanks to Michelle. I would highly recommend Michelle Dempsey to anyone who is facing the task of how to best go through the title 19 Medicaid application process for an elderly more
Janis B
Janis B
14:38 27 Aug 21
Thank you Michelle for being so kind as to take the time to give us some direction in helping us decide nursing home options for my mom and dad.This is a very difficult time for us and spending time with you on the phone was comforting. Thank you for being so caring, considerate and easy to talk more
Carrie Guiney
Carrie Guiney
12:28 09 Mar 21
Michelle was incredibly helpful. We wouldn’t have been able to navigate the process without her and are so grateful for her help. Highly highly recommend!read more
Michelle Doty
Michelle Doty
20:23 17 Jun 20
Michelle did an excellent job of distilling the process down to its essentials and helping me focus on what was important. I am extremely grateful for her efforts in obtaining the assistance my Mom more
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    Michelle was wonderful with me during the entire process. She is detailed orientated, put me right at ease during a very stressful and emotional time. She was very patient and... read more

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    August 22, 2022

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    June 17, 2020

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    John Sweeney Avatar John Sweeney
    March 19, 2020

    Michelle was so easy to work with. She definitely put me and my family at ease through the process. Thank you, Michelle.

    Peggy Boucher Avatar Peggy Boucher
    March 12, 2020

    Very knowledgeable and friendly.

    M. Christopher Cherry Avatar M. Christopher Cherry
    September 26, 2019

    Michelle was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend her. Extremely knowledgeable, attentive and makes a very complicated process much simpler and easier to deal with. If you... read more

    Elliot Bauer Avatar Elliot Bauer
    February 20, 2019