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applying for mediciad benefits in Connecticut

The process of applying for Medicaid through the Title 19 program can be a confusing, complicated task that is often accompanied by frustration.  You may not understand what the caseworker is looking for or what the eligibility rules are. The asset limits for Title 19 eligibility are very strict and vary from program to program. Many applicants find it difficult to determine what the state of CT will or will not count towards the program’s asset limit. For applicants who are married, the rules that determine how much a couple can keep are even more complicated. So, it’s important to talk with a Medicaid application professional who is knowledgeable about the program you are applying for. Even if you are not yet eligible, knowing what you can keep allows you to better plan for the future, so you can spend your money wisely, and apply at the optimal time.

Consult with a Specialist when Applying for Medicaid Benefits

Michelle Dempsey is a Medicaid Application Specialist and Consultant who assists families with the process of qualifying, applying, and gathering all the documentation needed to receive government assistance to pay for nursing home and long-term home care costs through the Title XIX (Medicaid) program. Having someone who knows these programs and will help you through the application process can be invaluable, easing both uncertainty and frustration.

Michelle Dempsey has the Medicaid Program knowledge you need.  She will help identify the correct program for your circumstances and go over the rules and qualifications with you. More than 33% of the applications she has submitted are for married couples, so she knows the program requirements very well, and she can help you determine how much the state will allow you to keep when you are applying for Title 19 assistance.

In addition, Michelle Dempsey is honest and ethical.  She will provide direction to help you find all the information the state is requesting, even if you don’t have it. If, after speaking with you and your family, Michelle doesn’t feel that Title XIX is the right program for you at this time, she will be upfront in telling you. You will only pay for the services that you really need.

Find Answers to Your Medicaid Eligibility Questions

As a first step, you can download Michelle Dempsey’s Resources (in PDF format) with more information that you may need to better understand the process of applying for Medicaid benefits. Download your copy of Michelle Dempsey’s Professional Elder Care Desk Reference March 2024. It is updated several times a year and contains the latest Medicaid, Home Care, and Medicare Savings Plan figures. Also, please review the FAQs page, where you will find answers to questions you may have initially. Don’t waste time and effort (and money) trying to qualify for a long-term healthcare program that might not be the right one for you or your loved ones.
Call Michelle Dempsey today at (860) 245-8165 to find out if she can help you.