Are you Eligible for Title 19 Medicaid Assistance? 

Are you or a family member having difficulty remaining at home without assistance or in need of nursing home care?  Is this due to medical, neurological, or physical impairment? Medicaid may pay for nursing home and home care services for the elderly and disabled through Title 19 of the Social Security Act. But which of those federal and state funded medical assistance programs are right for you, and what do you need to do to qualify?

Medicaid (aka Title 19 or Title XIX) is a set of jointly funded federal and state programs that provide health coverage to individuals who qualify. The rules and processes that determine eligibility are varied and change often. The process of applying for Medicaid in Connecticut may feel overwhelming, and gathering the information required just to start the process can feel like a full-time job in itself!


As a consultant specializing in the Title 19 application process for those who may be eligible, Michelle Dempsey has the background and expertise to help Connecticut families seeking the financial assistance they need to secure the best care for their loved ones. Michelle will

      Guide you through the process of ensuring financially eligibility. 

      Identify, document, and analyze, all financial transactions.

      Prepare, organize, and submit the application and all documentation and verifications.

      Provide you with timely and regular updates of the items still needed for applications.

      Maintain communications with you, the nursing home, and the State of Connecticut.

      Research assistance programs, matters of the law, veteran’s benefits, and Medicaid, etc.

Having a professional on your side that knows the Title XIX programs and helps you through the application process can be invaluable, easing both uncertainty and frustration. Michelle Dempsey has a 95% approval rate with no issues. She will also determine if Title 19 is the right program for you or she will help identify the right program for your circumstances and go over the rules and qualifications with you.

Don’t waste time and effort (and money) trying to qualify for a federal or state program that may not work for you or your loved ones. Call Michelle Dempsey today at (860) 245-8165.    

*This information is not provided as legal advice and creates no attorney-client relationship. Please consult your own legal and financial advisers.